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Rules for Robots?

According to Frank Pasquale, University of Maryland law professor and artificial intelligence (AI) expert, the ever-expanding role of robots in our lives requires a radical new set of rules. Professor Pasquale outlines four rules; among them “is not to make humanoid robots or AI.”

How Facebook Now Profits from Political Consulting

Observers were alarmed to learn that Facebook allowed political consultants at Cambridge Analytica to use Facebook data to manipulate political campaigns in the United States. In “Facebook Was Letting Down Users Years Before Cambridge Analytica,” media studies professor Siva Vaidhyanathan explains that the real problem is Facebook itself, not outsiders; Facebook itself now serves as a consultant to political campaigns.

High-Skilled Workers Are Declining in Many American Communities

Tuck School of Business economist Matthew Slaughter proposes a solution: “a new “heartland visa” that would allow more high-talent immigrants into America who would agree to live and work in demographically struggling communities.”

Can Congress Enact a Comprehensive Privacy Law?

Though he is not optimistic that Congress can pass a comprehensive privacy law, privacy expert Daniel Solove offers a practical path to establish security protections: “Learn from the HIPAA experience. Punt the details to the FTC to figure out in a rulemaking. ... Give some enforcement power to state attorneys general.”

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Frank Pasquale Shares Four Rules That Should Be Applied to Robots and AI

Posted on May 24, 2019
Frank Pasquale, University of Maryland law professor and artificial intelligence (AI) expert, shares his thoughts on four new legally inspired rules that should be applied to robots and AI in our daily lives.

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