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  • Competition Policy and Antitrust
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  • Interoperability
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Do bots, like citizens, have the right to free speech?

“Ultimately bots represent a diverse and emerging medium of speech. Their use for mischief should not overshadow their novel capacity to inform, entertain, and critique.” – from “Regulating Bot Speech” by Ryan Calo and Madeline Lamo

Will Artificial Intelligence Create More Jobs?

Recently, technology has increased productivity, but some manufacturing jobs were lost. Historically, however, technology has created more jobs. In “AI and Jobs: The Role of Demand,” economist James Bessen explains that automation can create jobs if consumers demand more of the goods created by automated processes—so long as AI does not replace human workers entirely.

Congratulations to TAP Scholar Heidi Williams!

MIT economist Heidi Williams has been named by The Economist as one of “the decade’s eight best young economists.” She studies how intellectual property rules, such as patents, encourage or discourage innovation in health care, from the development of new cancer treatments to the study of specific genes.

How Resources Devoted to Research Drive Growth

Economists often assume that researchers today are just as productive as researchers in earlier decades. In “Are Ideas Getting Harder to Find?”, economist Nicholas Bloom and his coauthors report that, over time, data shows that researchers are becoming less productive; as ideas become harder to find, firms must devote more resources to research to maintain the same rates of growth.

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Ryan Calo Delves into Bot Speech and the Principles of Free Expression

Posted on January 18, 2019
In “Regulating Bot Speech,” University of Washington robotics expert Ryan Calo and Madeline Lamo examine how mandatory disclosure laws that disallow bots to operate unless they identify themselves as non-human might fare under principles of free expression.

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