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Insights on the Value of the GDPR to U.S. Citizens

TAP scholars explain how the EU’s general data protection regulation, which significantly expands data protections for people across the European Union, has a positive impact on data privacy management for people around the globe.

TAP's May Newsletter Available Online!

This month’s newsletter focuses on the concerns raised over data privacy and election corruption, and the legal and ethical issues with robotics and AI.

How to Deter Cybercriminals? Focus on the Intermediaries

“At Berkeley and elsewhere, investigators are performing interesting, provocative research into cybercrime. Often the investigations involve publicly-available data, because so much of the infrastructure of an illicit business needs to be spotlighted in order to attract customers.” – Chris Hoofnagle, Berkeley Law

Ensuring Cybersecurity for Connected Cars

Millions of “connected cars” will soon be on the road, their airbags, locks, and other key systems controlled by software. How can flaws in this software be fixed? In “Public Values, Private Infrastructure and the Internet of Things: The Case of Automobiles,” law professor Deirdre Mulligan and her coauthor propose mandatory over-the-air software updates and set out principles for cybersecurity regulation.

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TAP Scholars Examine the GDPR Effect

Posted on May 25, 2018
TAP scholars explore the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation on privacy and security controls globally and the potential influence on U.S. data protection regulation.

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