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Josh Lerner

Standard-Essential Patents

By: Josh Lerner and Jean Tirole | March 13, 2014

This paper proposes a solution to the problem of inefficient license pricing for patents included in standards.

Mark Lemley

A Simple Approach to Setting Reasonable Royalties for Standard-Essential Patents

By: Mark Lemley and Carl Shapiro | November 04, 2013

This article suggests binding arbitration as a way to resolve disputes arising within standard-setting organizations.

Peter Swire

Why the Right to Data Portability Likely Reduces Consumer Welfare: Antitrust and Privacy Critique

By: Peter Swire and Yianni Lagos | May 30, 2013

This article analyzes the potential weaknesses of the European Union’s potential new right to data portability.

Mark Schankerman

Trading and Enforcing Patent Rights

By: Alberto Galasso , Carlos J. Serrano and Mark Schankerman | January 22, 2013

We study how the market for innovation affects enforcement of patent rights.

Rebecca S. Eisenberg

Story of Diamond v. Chakrabarty, The: Technological Change and the Subject Matter Boundaries of the Patent System

By: Rebecca S. Eisenberg

This chapter explains how the courts came to decide that living things could be patented.

Helen Nissenbaum

An Analysis of Google Log Retention Policies

By: Helen Nissenbaum and Vincent Toubiana

Web search data stored by Google is not sufficiently anonymized and could be used by third parties.

Erik Brynjolfsson

Investing in the IT That Makes a Competitive Difference

By: Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee | July 01, 2008

This paper argues that information technology investments have increased competition in US industries.

Economic Impact of Cloud Computing on Business Creation, Employment and Output in Europe, The

By: Federico Etro | April 30, 2009

This paper examines the expected benefits of the development of cloud computing in Europe.

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