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  • Competition Policy and Antitrust
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  • Interoperability
  • Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing
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TAP Highlights

Will the Recent FCC Ruling Lead to the Internet’s Demise?

“The FCC’s regulatory classification of ISPs is probably not nearly as big a deal as people think it is.” – Gregory Rosston, Stanford

What’s Keeping AI from Ramping Up More Quickly?

“It’s not because the technology is lagging. It really has to do with the organizational side, the culture, and the co-invention of business processes that takes a lot longer. It’s not just buying some AI and popping it in. It’s rethinking your processes and reorganizing your business…” – Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT

How to Reconcile Quality of Service with Net Neutrality

If ISPs must treat all Internet content alike, how can ISPs serve innovators with special technical needs? In “Network Neutrality and Quality of Service: What a Non-Discrimination Rule Should Look Like,” law professor Barbara van Schewick proposes that ISPs be allowed to offer different quality of service options only when any provider is offered the choice of any level of service.

What New Privacy Books Are on Dan Solove’s Must-Read List?

Surveillance is a major theme in several of the privacy and security books that Professor Dan Solove highlights in this 2017 recap: surveillance and the Fourth Amendment, surveillance and credit worthiness, government access to private data, and even brick-and-mortar retailers tracking their shoppers.

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The Recent FCC Ruling Will Not Kill the Internet – A Policy Brief by SIEPR’s Gregory Rosston

Posted on January 18, 2018
Stanford’s Gregory Rosston provides his insights to the net neutrality debate in a policy brief he recently prepared for the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research.

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