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Erik Brynjolfsson

The Big Data Boom Is the Innovation Story of Our Time

By: Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee | November 21, 2011

This article provides a lay summary of recent developments in business uses of big data sets.

danah boyd

Six Provocations for Big Data

By: danah boyd and Kate Crawford | September 21, 2011

This article challenges the assumption that only large sets of data provide the best information to social scientists.

Paul M. Schwartz

Managing Global Data Privacy

By: Paul M. Schwartz | December 14, 2009

This article examines how leading companies manage their global use and distribution of personal information.

Daniel J. Solove

Data Mining and the Security-Liberty Debate

By: Daniel J. Solove | January 24, 2008

This article discusses the ineffectiveness of comparing security against liberty in the context of data mining.

Neil Gandal

An Introduction to the Economics Literature on Standard Setting Organizations

By: Neil Gandal

This article summarizes new economic studies of standards setting organizations.

Lawrence Lessig

Can Microsoft Save the Net?

By: Lawrence Lessig | March 14, 2006

This article looks at technology to help prevent fraud online.

Understanding Change Contribution Patterns in Open Source and Commercial Software Projects

By: V. S. Arunachalam, Jai Asundi and Rick Kazman

This paper looks at how open source software (OSS) business models work.

Andy Gavil

Antitrust Law in Perspective: Cases, Concepts and Problems in Competition Policy (2nd edition)

By: Andy Gavil, Jonathan Baker and William E. Kovacic | May 22, 2008

The book covers antitrust law in a flexible format and is an update of the first edition.

TAP Blog

TAP Scholars Explore Patent Litigation with NPEs, PAEs, and SEPs

Professor Jay Pil Choi and Professor Carl Shapiro have recently released separate papers that examine patent litigation through non-practicing entities, patent-assertion entities, and standard-essential patents.

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