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Erik Brynjolfsson

The Big Data Boom Is the Innovation Story of Our Time

By: Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee | November 21, 2011

This article provides a lay summary of recent developments in business uses of big data sets.

danah boyd

Six Provocations for Big Data

By: danah boyd and Kate Crawford | September 21, 2011

This article challenges the assumption that only large sets of data provide the best information to social scientists.

Paul M. Schwartz

Managing Global Data Privacy

By: Paul M. Schwartz | December 15, 2009

This article examines how leading companies manage their global use and distribution of personal information.

Daniel J. Solove

Data Mining and the Security-Liberty Debate

By: Daniel J. Solove | January 24, 2008

This article discusses the ineffectiveness of comparing security against liberty in the context of data mining.

Jonathan Levin

Vertical Integration and Market Structure

By: Jonathan Levin and Timothy Bresnahan

This paper shows how, in some settings, organizational economics and industrial organization economics are entangled.

Nicholas Bloom

Does Working from Home Work? Evidence from a Chinese Experiment

By: Nicholas Bloom, James Liang, D. John Roberts and Zhichun Jenny Ying | June 30, 2012

This paper uses experimental data to examine the effects of permitting employees to work at home.

Rebecca S. Eisenberg

Story of Diamond v. Chakrabarty, The: Technological Change and the Subject Matter Boundaries of the Patent System

By: Rebecca S. Eisenberg

This chapter explains how the courts came to decide that living things could be patented.

Peter DiCola

Economic View of Legal Restrictions on Musical Borrowing and Appropriation, An

By: Peter DiCola | May 31, 2011

Argues that using an economic framework to analyze music sampling reveals that copyright law might distort creativity.

TAP Blog

Frameworks for Understanding the Future of Work

A group of us at Data & Society decided to examine various different emergent disruptions that affect the future of work. Thanks to tremendous support from the Open Society Foundations, we’ve produced five working papers that help frame various issues at play. We’re happy to share them with you today.

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