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  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Competition Policy and Antitrust
  • Innovation and Economic Growth
  • Intellectual Property
  • Interoperability
  • Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing
  • Privacy and Security

TAP Highlights

Working from Home Is Great, Right?

“Unfortunately not,” says Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom. Once extolling the benefits of working from home based on research he did in 2015, Professor Bloom says the global work-from-home movement prompted by COVID-19 restrictions “will create a productivity disaster for firms.”


Prof. Eric Goldman Emphasizes the Benefits of Section 230

“…we also need to consider Section 230’s benefits, which are also real and substantial. Any review of Section 230 requires a balancing of these interests.” – Professor Eric Goldman, Santa Clara High Tech Law Institute

How to Compete in the Age of AI

“Whether you’re leading a digital start-up or working to revamp a traditional enterprise, it’s essential to understand the revolutionary impact AI has on operations, strategy, and competition.” – from “Competing in the Age of AI” by Harvard business professors Marco Iansiti and Karim R. Lakhani

What Is Technology’s Future Impact on Democratic Institutions?

“Technology is destabilizing. That can help trigger positive change, but it can also trigger tremendous anxiety. Technology also reconfigures power, at least temporarily. This can benefit social movements, but it can also benefit adversarial actors.” — danah boyd, Founder of Data & Society

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Nicholas Bloom Addresses Working from Home Challenges During COVID-19

By TAP Staff Blogger
Posted on March 31, 2020
Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom discusses how the current global ‘working remotely’ movement caused by COVID-19 restrictions differs from the benefits he identified in his work-from-home research conducted in 2015.

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