The Issues

  • Competition Policy and Antitrust
  • Innovation and Economic Growth
  • Intellectual Property
  • Interoperability
  • Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing
  • Privacy and Security

TAP Highlights

We Need to Think Like Attackers

“Attackers do not generally distinguish between private sector and public sector targets – they strike wherever desirable information resides and where unpatched vulnerabilities allow for ease of security compromise.” – Cybersecurity expert Andrea Matwyshyn

Is Digital Technology a Democratizing Force?

The ability to provide high-powered computing without the overhead costs associated with in-house software and hardware has driven smaller, younger firms to adopt cloud-based services. “In this sense cloud computing has spread computing out to the masses, democratizing computing.” – Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom

How to Use Machine Learning in the Criminal Justice System

Many allege that the AI systems used in the criminal justice are biased. In “Interventions Over Predictions: Reframing the Ethical Debate for Actuarial Risk Assessment,” law professor Jonathan Zittrain and his coauthors describe how AI can prevent crime, and increase the system’s fairness, proposing that AI systems focus on identifying rehabilitation programs that work, and on identifying causes of crime.

What Role Does Data Play in Competition and Innovation?

Next week’s FTC hearing will delve into questions such as “Does the importance of data in a firm’s operations change how the FTC should analyze mergers or firm conduct?” and “How have developments involving data changed the use of personal or commercial information or sensitive data?” Several TAP scholars will participate.

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