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Law Professor James Grimmelmann, Cornell Tech and Cornell Law School, shares insights from a symposium on computer-authored works.
Lorrie Cranor, the Chief Technologist for the Federal Trade Commission, shares her experience about having her mobile phone account hijacked by an identity thief.
Acknowledging that technological advances with machine learning enable computers to perform several types of tasks that humans have typically been doing for work, MIT professors Erik Brynjolfsson and Andrew McAfee provide basic principles to consider as policies are developed for the age of automation.
Professor Pamela Samuelson, University of California, Berkeley, explains why Google’s win in the Oracle v. Google case is valuable for all software developers as well as the general public.
Stanford economics professor Nicholas Bloom shares findings from a nine-month, controlled trial experiment within a large Chinese travel company that allowed select workers to telecommute.
MIT economic professor Glenn Ellison has a paper published in this month’s American Economic Review that questions the impact of education programs on high math achievement.
George Washington University law professor Daniel Solove examines the recent Supreme Court decision in Spokeo Inc. v. Robins, and points to the confusion caused when Congress and the Courts apply different requirements in order to prove “harm” when a violation of the Fair Credit Reporting Act is challenged.
Santa Clara University law professor Eric Goldman examines the Fakhrian v. Google Inc. case which pits a request for removal of defamatory content against Section 230 and the First Amendment.
Two papers by Professor Daniel Spulber look at the interplay of the economic benefit of patents and the public policies that impact the development of innovation.
Santa Clara University law professor Eric Goldman discusses the recently passed Defend Trade Secrets Act its major consequences on intellectual property law and the economy.
How do technology companies actually use intellectual property? This is the final report in a 7-part series of posts from The 20th Annual BCLT/BTLJ Symposium.
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