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In his new book, The Black Box Society: The Secret Algorithms That Control Money and Information, law professor Frank Pasquale explores the practice of data collection for profit.
Professor Daniel Solove, George Washington University Law School, highlights books about privacy and security issues that were published last year.
Professor Daniel Spulber discussed his new book, The Innovative Entrepreneur, in a podcast interview with The Entrepreneur’s Library.
Glen Weyl and his co-author Alexander White challenge much of the conventional completion policy perspectives on platforms in their new paper, “Let the Right ‘One’ Win: Policy Lessons from the New Economics of Platforms.”
TAP guest blogger Professor Dan Nabel offers his list of the “Top 10” fair use cases from 2014.
It is time again for the best technology events of the year. We have quite a lineup this year, including Sony, Aereo, net neutrality, Home Depot, and a few surprise guest stars.
What does the intersection of data and civil rights look like? danah boyd reports from the first “Data & Civil Rights” conference, co-sponsored by the Data & Society Research Institute, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and New America’s Open Technology Institute.
Professor Matthew Slaughter and Matthew Rees, both with the Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College, share a letter to Santa that asks for gifts for the world.
George Washington University Law School Professors Arturo Carrillo and Dawn Nunziato submitted a Comment to the FCC urging the Commission to adopt strong net neutrality rules so as not to violate the United States' international human rights and trade obligations.
Harvard Business School professor Josh Lerner shares insights from his work with Professor Jean Tirole of Toulouse University on the economics of knowledge sharing and knowledge sharing organizations.
While social media frequently enriches our lives, it also enables incivil behavior such as the threats of violence against others. Should we interpret a social media threat the same as a threat of physical violence communicated to a potential victim’s face?
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