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In a NYT “Room for Debate” article, Maryland University law professor Frank Pasquale emphasizes that the government needs its own expertise, independent of the influence of technology companies.
George Washington University law professor Daniel Solove explains that Cloud Service Agreements are critical because they are at the front line of protecting the privacy and security of personal data.
Rotman School of Management economist Joshua Gans examines a surprising new direction for cars currently participating in the sharing economy.
In “Immigrant Entrepreneurship,” Harvard professor William Kerr and co-author Sari Pekkala Kerr examine the survival and growth of immigrant-founded businesses over time relative to native-founded companies.
Professors Christopher Millard and Ian Walden explain the legal and security considerations for cloud-supported Internet of Things.
Professors Christopher Millard and Ian Walden share their research on the forced localization of cloud computing. This refers to in-country data storage facilities that physically keeps data stored on servers within a country’s borders.
Professors Christopher Millard and Ian Walden share their expertise and enthusiasm for the complexities of cloud computing in an Internet-connected world.
The Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society has released a series of briefings that focus on critical topics such as how privacy intersects with issues related to students, open data, and cybersecurity.
MIT economist Erik Brynjolfsson explains why he thinks the current wave of advances in technology means we don’t have to worry about stagnation in productivity.
Beginning with a Seinfeld episode, law professor Daniel Solove explains the rights people have—and don’t have—over their own medical records.
Law professor Eric Goldman, Santa Clara University, shares information on the latest developments of the Consumer Review Fairness Act. This bill seeks to stop businesses from banning consumer reviews about them.
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