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Privacy law professor Woodrow Hartzog, Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law, states, “It’s time to abandon the misguided notion that public information is fair game.”
University of Chicago law professor Omri Ben-Shahar questions the FCC’s quest to regulate privacy for Internet providers.
University of Chicago law professor Eric Posner introduces a new article written with colleague Glen Weyl.
University of Maryland law professor Frank Pasquale examines the tension at the heart of U.S. labor policy on health care and automation.
Stanford economics professor Matthew Gentzkow examines whether the rise of social media has magnified political polarization.
University of Chicago law professor Omri Ben-Shahar breaks down privacy alarmists’ concerns with data-driven devices.
Stern School of Business economics professor Nicholas Economides provides an overview of the antitrust issues Google is currently facing in the EU. He offers insights from Microsoft’s antitrust challenges from a few decades ago.
University of Washington law professor Ryan Calo joins the NYT “Room for Debate” to discuss ethical considerations of using robots in policing.
In the NYT “Room for Debate,” Microsoft Principal Researcher danah boyd supports the development of “technology to help people be meaningfully connected in an augmented way.”
Georgetown University professor Paul Ohm and Georgia Tech professor Peter Swire provided this week’s Senate hearing with their thoughts on the FCC’s Proposed Rules for regulating Internet privacy.
At a U.S. Senate Hearing that will examine the FCC’s proposal for Internet service provider customer privacy, Georgia Tech privacy and cyberlaw scholar Peter Swire will share his knowledge about ISPs and privacy.
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