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In his new paper co-written with Kris Hartley, Professor Khuong Vu explains that cloud computing is playing a crucial role in the worldwide digital transformation currently underway; and he outlines policy items to support cloud computing adoption.
University of Washington law professor Ryan Calo sought to help policymakers, investors, technologists, scholars, and students understand the contemporary policy environment around artificial intelligence. The result is this “roadmap” which covers policy issues ranging from justice to privacy and to displacement of labor.
A new article by Stanford’s Susan Athey and MIT’s Catherine Tucker and Christian Catalini investigates distortions in consumer behavior when faced with notice and consent options regarding their privacy.
Santa Clara High Tech Law Institute Director Eric Goldman discusses the anti-SLAPP ruling in a case where the plaintiff wanted negative Facebook posts about his business removed.
In “Patent Pool Outsiders,” Maurer School of Law professor Michael Mattioli examines the impact of ‘outsiders’ on patent pools and finds that partial cooperation on license agreements may be better than complete cooperation.
Privacy law expert Dan Solove discusses the compliance challenges with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).
Professor Joshua Gans, Rotman School of Management, discusses a proposal to advocate for social graph portability rather than regulation or antitrust when dealing with market power issues that arise from platforms like Facebook.
In this New York Times op-ed piece, Colorado Law professor Margot Kaminski discusses the role social media networks like Facebook and Twitter play in freedom of speech, access to information, and protection of privacy.
Princeton computer science expert Edward Felten explains the European Commission’s claims against Google for anti-competitive tactics.
Data & Society founder danah boyd discusses machine learning algorithms and prejudice, digital white flight on social media, trust in the media, and more on The Ezra Klein Show.
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