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How does artificial intelligence intersect with the laws that have been established to govern human interactions? Three recent works by TAP scholars examine whether our laws should apply to robots.
Harvard law professor Urs Gasser explores the importance of trust in the adoption of artificial intelligence technologies.
NYU’s ILI conference tackled the issues of transparency in automated decision making. Read conference highlights and watch videos from the two-day event.
Among the topics examined at this year’s Searle Center antitrust conference were market power in telecommunications, how price caps affect competition, minimum advertised price restrictions, and patent policy.
The Berkman Klein Center event, “The Line Between Hate and Debate,” examines the challenges with identifying offensive content and the role that technology can play in addressing online abuse.
Several TAP economists share their work during the inaugural conference on “The Economics of AI.”
George Washington University privacy law expert Daniel Solove asks cybersecurity expert Adam Levin to elaborate on the challenges raised with the HBO data breach, potential new cyber threats that may be unleashed, and what companies and individuals can do to protect themselves.
In his new paper co-written with Kris Hartley, Professor Khuong Vu explains that cloud computing is playing a crucial role in the worldwide digital transformation currently underway; and he outlines policy items to support cloud computing adoption.
University of Washington law professor Ryan Calo sought to help policymakers, investors, technologists, scholars, and students understand the contemporary policy environment around artificial intelligence. The result is this “roadmap” which covers policy issues ranging from justice to privacy and to displacement of labor.
A new article by Stanford’s Susan Athey and MIT’s Catherine Tucker and Christian Catalini investigates distortions in consumer behavior when faced with notice and consent options regarding their privacy.
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