Peter DiCola to Moderate “Copyright and the Future of Entertainment”

By TAP Staff Blogger

Posted on February 17, 2012

Next week the Searle Center and Northwestern Journal of Technology & Intellectual Property begins its two-day symposium on intellectual property and the influence of technology. Beyond IP: How Intellectual Property and Technology Influence Other Areas of Law will delve into such topics as technology and government surveillance, copyright and the entertainment industry, clean technology incentivization, and the effects of the new America Invents Act.
TAP scholar Peter DiCola will be moderating the panel on “Copyright and the Future of Entertainment.” In this session, panelists will discuss the intersection of copyright law, specifically with respect to the entertainment industry, and recent legislation proposed by Congress to curb copyright infringement on the Internet. Questions to be explored will include:
  • Do copyright laws adequately protect creators in industries that are heavily dominated by consumer interest?
  • Is illegal activity to credit for such new developments such as the licensing regimes of Netflix and Spotify, and would it have been better to adjust copyright laws earlier in order to incentivize such moves in the market place earlier, rather than criminalizing consumers?
  • What does the recent SOPA/PIPA legislation add to this discussion?
Peter DiCola is an associate professor at Northwestern University School of Law. His research centers on the music industry and related industries. Currently, he is focusing on copyright law’s regime for digital sampling and deregulation in the radio industry. He uses empirical methods and applied economic models to study intellectual property law, media regulation, and their intersection.