Competition Policy and Antitrust

Competition policy uses economic analysis to enhance our understanding of how firm behavior affects social welfare. Scholars featured on this site consider how technology markets function, and the special issues raised by networks, platforms, interoperability, and bundling by firms like Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

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Innovation, Reallocation and Growth

The authors use a model to suggest which sorts of industrial subsidies encourage growth.

By: Daron Acemoglu, Nicholas Bloom, Ufuk Akcigit, William R. Kerr

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Government Procurement

“Procurement” is the process by which governments choose to obtain and buy goods and services from the private sector.

TAP Blog

Sharing User Search Data

Professor Joshua Gans, Rotman School of Management, reports on how Google and Bing view the value of data from online user behavior.

Joshua Gans


As Mergers Multiply, U.S. Antitrust Cops Raise Their Game

"The DOJ and FTC litigation success is influential. That’s how you get the attention of companies and the bar."

 — William Kovacic, Professor of Law, George Washington University
William E. Kovacic
The Wall Street Journal
July 2, 2015