Innovation and Economic Growth

Researchers today are trying to understand how information technology affects innovation, productivity, and economic growth while studying the impact of political and legal ground rules. Academics featured here are looking at the potential to create jobs and keep policymakers aware of emerging trends in technology.

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The Big Data Boom Is the Innovation Story of Our Time

This article provides a lay summary of recent developments in business uses of big data sets.

By: Erik Brynjolfsson, Andrew McAfee

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Innovation is a word used to describe new ideas and inventions that have impact – impact to consumers, to markets, to industries, to the economy as a whole, and even to society and culture.

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Frank Pasquale Examines the “Gig Economy”

University of Maryland law professor Frank Pasquale investigates some of the issues with the gig economy, such as the protection of employment for the people doing the tasks; algorithmic transparency which could determine how many ‘gigs’ a worker receives; and, nullification attempts of regulations (such as anti-discrimination laws) by the executives of companies.

TAP Staff Blogger


Mutual Funds' Dark Side

"One question is whether the managers of institutional firms are directing the managers of the firms they own not to compete over price. If so, this is a violation of the antitrust laws, and the Department of Justice should investigate." — Eric Posner, Professor of Law, University of Chicago; Glen Weyl, Economist and Microsoft researcher

Eric Posner
April 16, 2015