Innovation and Economic Growth

Researchers today are trying to understand how information technology affects innovation, productivity, and economic growth while studying the impact of political and legal ground rules. Academics featured here are looking at the potential to create jobs and keep policymakers aware of emerging trends in technology.

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Ryan Calo Raises Ethical Issues around Robots and the Remote-Controlled Use of Force

University of Washington law professor Ryan Calo joins the NYT “Room for Debate” to discuss ethical considerations of using robots in policing.

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High Skilled Immigration Reform

The United States immigration policy is the set of laws and provisions that regulates the entry and the stay of non-US citizens on national territory. High-skilled, college-educated immigrants contribute to scientific and technological innovation, entrepreneurship, and job-creation in the U.S.


‘Bomb Robot’ Takes Down Dallas Gunman, but Raises Enforcement Questions

"No court would find a legal problem here. When someone is an ongoing lethal danger, there isn’t an obligation on the part of officers to put themselves in harm’s way." — Ryan Calo, Professor of Law, University of Washington

M. Ryan Calo
The New York Times
July 8, 2016

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Internet Architecture and Innovation

This book analyzes the architecture of the internet, how it fosters innovation, and what that suggests for the future.

By: Barbara van Schewick