Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing

This section contains research on the networks that make the Internet work, the evolution of different business models that operate on the Internet, and ways to store and access information on the Internet through Cloud Computing.

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Six Provocations for Big Data

This article challenges the assumption that only large sets of data provide the best information to social scientists.

By: danah boyd, Kate Crawford

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Search Engines, Advertising, and Auctions

Search engines – such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and a variety of other smaller search engines – help users find what they are looking for online by finding web pages that match user-entered keywords. Search engines are free to users, but typically earn revenue through paid advertising.

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Barbara van Schewick – One of the Women Who Won Net Neutrality

Stanford Professor Barbara van Schewick is recognized for her work in preserving the open Internet.

TAP Staff Blogger


Does That Look Like Me?

This article discusses a new book written by New York University professors Helen Nissenbaum and Finn Brunton. Obfuscation: A User’s Guide for Privacy and Protest explains how planting false digital footprints can help you regain some privacy online.

Helen Nissenbaum
September 14, 2015