Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing

This section contains research on the networks that make the Internet work, the evolution of different business models that operate on the Internet, and ways to store and access information on the Internet through Cloud Computing.

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Are Uber Drivers Employees? The Answer Will Shape the Sharing Economy

University of Chicago law and economics professor Omri Ben-Shahar examines the conflict between Uber and its drivers: are they independent contractors or employees?

Omri Ben-Shahar

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Net Neutrality

Given the significance of the Internet, preserving its “openness” – an idea often referred to as “network neutrality” or “net neutrality” – has been a long-standing issue.


The First Rule of Data: Do No Harm

"At the biggest mainstream consumer companies (e.g., Microsoft, Facebook, Google, etc.), you’re seeing some sophisticated moves in this direction. It’s not uniform across these companies, but these issues are getting traction and I’m excited by the potential." — danah boyd, Principal Researcher, Microsoft Research

danah boyd
Information Week
October 18, 2017

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Cloud Computing: Architectural and Policy Implications

This paper offers an overview of cloud computing technology and its economic implications.

By: Christopher Yoo