Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing

This section contains research on the networks that make the Internet work, the evolution of different business models that operate on the Internet, and ways to store and access information on the Internet through Cloud Computing.

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Broadband Access and Infrastructure

High-speed Internet access – often referred to as “broadband” – is a set of technologies that, taken together, are recognized as a potential catalyst for global economic and social change.

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What Can Tech Companies Do to Fight Against Revenge Porn? A Report from the BCLT Privacy Forum

Professor Danielle Keats Citron advocates for a stronger legal and social response to the problems of online bullying, cyberharassment, and nonconsensual pornography, a.k.a. “revenge porn.” This is the third of a 5-part series of posts from the 4th Annual BCLT Privacy Law Forum: Silicon Valley.

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White House Proposes Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

Professor Ryan Calo of the University of Washington School of Law says the draft legislation would extend credit-reporting protections to more categories of consumer data, such as that held by advertisers or makers of wearable devices.

M. Ryan Calo
The Wall Street Journal
February 27, 2015