Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing


Different business models have evolved for providing information on the Internet, including search engines, which make money from advertising; subscription web sites; and free web sites which drive off-line sales. Scholars examine the evolution of this marketplace and its implications for content providers and businesses.

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Privacy and Consumers

There are a number of privacy issues related to how online companies collect, store, use and share personally identifiable information; and how consumers are informed about what is done with their information online.

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Can There Be a Technological Fix for Privacy? A Report from the BCLT Privacy Forum

Professor Deirdre Mulligan, UC Berkeley School of Information, argued that regulation of privacy through technology has both benefits and costs. Privacy by design was the topic of the final panel at the 4th Annual BCLT Privacy Law Forum: Silicon Valley.

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CIOs Have to Learn the New Math of Analytics

This article discusses how today's data-driven business runs on algorithms, and points to how these formulas can stir up unintentional legal and ethical trouble. University of Maryland law professor Frank Pasquale is quoted.

Frank Pasquale
February 25, 2015