Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing


Different business models have evolved for providing information on the Internet, including search engines, which make money from advertising; subscription web sites; and free web sites which drive off-line sales. Scholars examine the evolution of this marketplace and its implications for content providers and businesses.

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Social Networking

Social networking websites are places on the Internet where people can connect with those who share their interests. Additionally, they can function as economic “platforms” that serve different groups of many users, including consumers, advertisers, game developers, and others. 

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The Emerging Law of Algorithms, Robots, and Predictive Analytics

University of Maryland law professor Frank Pasquale discusses three upcoming conferences that show the importance of “statistics and economics” in future tools of social order such as predictive policing and homeland security.

Frank Pasquale


Encryption May Hurt Surveillance, But Internet Of Things Could Open New Doors

"When you look at it over the long term, with the breadth of ways in which stuff that used to be ephemeral is now becoming digital and stored, the opportunities for surveillance are quite bright, possibly even worryingly so." — Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Law, Harvard University

Jonathan Zittrain
NPR’s All Tech Considered
February 2, 2016