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Net Neutrality

“Net Neutrality” refers to the concept of an “open Internet” whereby end-users can access the lawful content, applications, services and devices of their choice. Policymakers around the world are considering whether and how to ensure that the Internet remains “open” and Internet access service providers do not improperly block or degrade content sent over their networks.

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Nicholas Economides Says, “Don’t Gut Net Neutrality”

New York University economics professor Nicholas Economides explains why President-elect Trump’s appointments to the FCC’s transition team signals that net neutrality rules may be in danger.

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Net Neutrality

Given the significance of the Internet, preserving its “openness” – an idea often referred to as “network neutrality” or “net neutrality” – has been a long-standing issue.


Another Debate About Net Neutrality in America

Wharton School of Business professor Kevin Werbach is interviewed for this article, which discusses the proposed plan by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai to change the rules on net neutrality. Chairman Pai will seek to roll back the classification of Internet service providers (ISPs) so that they are no longer treated like a public utility with strict regulations.

Kevin Werbach
The Economist
April 22, 2017

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Network Neutrality, Broadband Discrimination

This paper looks at ideas to support open access to the Internet, including net neutrality rules.

By: Tim Wu