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Information technology lets people learn about one another on a scale previously unimaginable. Information in the wrong hands can be harmful. Scholars on this site consider problems of privacy, fraud, identity, and security posed by the digital age.

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Lost in the Cloud

This op-ed raises concerns about storing personal files on the Internet.

By: Jonathan Zittrain

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Privacy and Consumers

There are a number of privacy issues related to how online companies collect, store, use and share personally identifiable information; and how consumers are informed about what is done with their information online.

TAP Blog

Privacy Does Not Sell—Neither Did Safety

Chris Hoofnagle, Berkeley Center for Law & Technology, examines why the marketplace is littered with failed companies that tried to sell privacy-protective services to consumers.

Chris Hoofnagle


Opinion: How USA Freedom Is a Victory for American Spy Agencies

Calling patterns "can reveal when we are awake and asleep; our religion, if a person regularly makes no calls on the Sabbath, or makes a large number of calls on Christmas Day; our work habits and our social aptitude; the number of friends we have; and even our civil and political affiliations." — Edward Felten, Professor of Computer Science and Public Affairs, Princeton University

Edward Felten
The Christian Science Monitor
June 3, 2015