Privacy and Security

Information technology lets people learn about one another on a scale previously unimaginable. Information in the wrong hands can be harmful. Scholars on this site consider problems of privacy, fraud, identity, and security posed by the digital age.

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2018 Annual Privacy Law Scholars Conference

Co-sponsored by UC Berkeley Law and GW Law

May 30, 2018, Washington, DC

Personal Democracy Forum 2018: How We Make Good

Celebrate the power of tech to make real change happen

June 7, 2018, New York, NY

IAPP Asia Privacy Forum 2018

An International Association of Privacy Professionals event

July 23, 2018, Singapore

Privacy Law Salon: Policymaker Roundtable

Presented by The Privacy Law Salon

September 13, 2018, Washington, DC

Law and Economics of Data

A Silicon Flatirons Center event

November 14, 2018, Boulder, CO

TAP Blog

TAP Scholars Examine the GDPR Effect

TAP scholars explore the scope of the General Data Protection Regulation on privacy and security controls globally and the potential influence on U.S. data protection regulation.

TAP Staff Blogger

Fact Sheets

Privacy and Consumers

There are a number of privacy issues related to how online companies collect, store, use and share personally identifiable information; and how consumers are informed about what is done with their information online.


Will the FTC Come Down Hard on Facebook? It's Only Happened Twice in 20 Years

"One has to make an argument that consumers were deceived about friend information sharing, and that’s a difficult point to prove." — Chris Hoofnagle, Professor of Law, University of California at Berkeley

Chris Hoofnagle
USA Today
April 17, 2018

Featured Article

Six Provocations for Big Data

This article challenges the assumption that only large sets of data provide the best information to social scientists.

By: danah boyd, Kate Crawford