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  September 2017
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This month on TAP we covered topics as varied as social media’s responsibility to block offensive content, artificial intelligence and the economy, cyber risks and cybersecurity insurance, and how cloud computing plays a crucial role in the digital transformation of developing countries.

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Jonathan Zittrain and Facebook’s Head of Global Policy Management Discuss the Challenges of Online Abuse
TAP Staff, September 27, 2017

An Economic Look at the Impact of Artificial Intelligence
TAP Staff, September 22, 2017

Game of Risks: An Interview with Adam Levin on the HBO Breach, Cybersecurity Insurance, and Cyber Risks
Daniel Solove, September 15, 2017

Towards a Policy Framework for Promoting Cloud Computing Adoption in Developing Countries
Khuong Minh Vu and Kris Hartley, September 5, 2017

Giovanni Peri
Are DACA Recipients Stealing Jobs Away from Other Americans?
National Public Radio

"The simple point — which is true for them [DACA recipients] but even more for them and all immigrants — if they were not there, the American economy would be 800 [thousand] young people smaller," Peri said. "And the skills and productivity that they brought to the economy wouldn't be here. Population creates its own jobs in some sense.”

Erik Brynjolfsson
What Parts of the Workforce Might Be Safe from Robots?
NPR’s All Things Considered

“There are three big categories that machines are really bad at. They've made tremendous advances, but they're bad at first off doing creative work. Whether you're an entrepreneur or a scientist or a novelist, I think you're in pretty good shape doing that long-range creativity. The second big category is interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence, people who are coaches or salespeople or negotiators or caregivers. And the third one is actually manual dexterity and physical mobility. Machines have a hard time doing simple things like picking up a nickel or walking up stairs or clearing a table.”

More TAP Scholars 

Danielle Citron
The Sex Trafficking Fight Could Take Down a Bedrock Tech Law

Lawrence Lessig
Harvard Professor: Here's How Social Media Hurts Democracy (video)

Peter Swire
Credit Agency Experian Says It Can Protect You from the 'Dark Web' — Sort Of
Los Angeles Times  

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