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High-Skilled Workers Are Declining in Many American Communities

Tuck School of Business economist Matthew Slaughter proposes a solution: “a new “heartland visa” that would allow more high-talent immigrants into America who would agree to live and work in demographically struggling communities.”

Can Congress Enact a Comprehensive Privacy Law?

Though he is not optimistic that Congress can pass a comprehensive privacy law, privacy expert Daniel Solove offers a practical path to establish security protections: “Learn from the HIPAA experience. Punt the details to the FTC to figure out in a rulemaking. ... Give some enforcement power to state attorneys general.”

AI Will Affect Almost Every Aspect of Firms’ Behavior

Artificial intelligence systems now perform better than humans at some tasks, such as image or voice recognition. In “Artificial Intelligence, Economics, and Industrial Organization,” economist Hal Varian describes characteristics of AI systems likely to affect firms’ size, alliances with other firms, pricing decisions, and commitment to security, outlining key questions for future economic research.

Firms Moving to Innovation Hot Spots Strategize to Maximize Gains

Cities like Boston, Seoul, and Shenzhen are “hot spots” that attract top talent, but firms know that moving to these areas will prove disruptive and expensive. In “Navigating Talent Hot Spots,” economist William Kerr outlines three strategies used by firms to ensure that ideas are disseminated from the “hot spot” to other key locations, and to limit their costs.

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Matthew Slaughter Offers an Immigration Proposal for Skilled Workers

Posted on May 17, 2019
Matthew Slaughter, Dean of the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, discusses how place-based “heartland” visas could help arrest the decline of high-skilled workers in America.

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