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What Technology Trends Will Define 2017?

With the start of a new administration, join the conversation on the important themes for the Internet this coming year. On January 23rd, the State of the Net Conference will tackle the policy issues of the day, such as digital trade, net neutrality, the future of the Internet of Things, and cybersecurity.

The FTC’s Nuanced Approach to Privacy

Woodrow Hartzog and Danielle Citron highlight key takeaways from the FTC’s settlement over the Ashley Madison breach. These include: identifying anxiety and risk as privacy harms, regulators working collaboratively across state and federal lines, and the first complaint against “bots” designed to deceive customers.

What Events Had the Greatest Impact on Internet Law in 2016?

Hulk Hogan v. Gawker, DOJ v. Apple over the encrypted iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter, and Hillary Clinton's email server all made Internet law expert Eric Goldman’s list of the top 10 Internet law developments from 2016.

TAP Spotlights Matthew Gentzkow

With 2016’s tumultuous election year, Stanford economics professor Matt Gentzkow’s work on political polarization and ideological segregation helps clarify real-world findings from popular perceptions.

TAP Blog

Five Unexpected Lessons from the Ashley Madison Breach

In this op-ed piece for Ars Technica, privacy law experts Woodrow Hartzog and Danielle Citron show that the FTC’s handling of the Ashley Madison breach reflects a sustainable way to enforce privacy in the coming years.

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