The Issues

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Competition Policy and Antitrust
  • Innovation and Economic Growth
  • Intellectual Property
  • Interoperability
  • Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing
  • Privacy and Security

TAP Highlights

Antitrust Needs Updated Economic Analysis

In “Antitrust and Innovation Competition,” economist Daniel Spulber shows that traditional evidence of price and market structure may lead antitrust enforcers to misidentify innovative firms as monopolists, because they will overlook the effects of technological change and nonprice competition on consumer welfare.

What Is the Business Impact of the Shift to Hybrid Work?

Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom shares his research on work-from-home arrangements through the pandemic: “One is it keeps employees happier. Quit rates are down. Benefit two is it improves productivity. Three is … support for diversity, equity, and inclusion.”

CA Bill to ‘Protect Kids Online’ Is a Good Thing, Isn’t It?

“The AADC [CA Age Appropriate Design Code Act] would erect digital barriers throughout the Internet; drive some businesses out of the industry entirely; expose everyone, including children, to greater privacy risks; [and] strip vulnerable users of access to sensitive information they need…” - Eric Goldman, Santa Clara University Law

Has Copyright Law Kept Pace with Technology?

In “Twenty Years of U.S. Digital Copyright: Adapting from Analog,” law professor Jane Ginsburg outlines how U.S. courts have struggled to apply copyright law to digital technologies, discussing key concepts such as public performance, fair use, and limits on online services’ liability for users’ infringement.

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