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  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Competition Policy and Antitrust
  • Innovation and Economic Growth
  • Intellectual Property
  • Interoperability
  • Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing
  • Privacy and Security

TAP Highlights

Privacy Inequities Affect African Americans

African Americans are disproportionately subjected to surveillance, discriminatory marketing, and fraud. In “Dismantling the ‘Black Opticon’: Privacy, Race Equity, and Online Data-Protection Reform,” law professor Anita Allen offers criteria for assessing whether new privacy laws would improve this inequity.

When It Comes to Social Media Posts, Can We Govern Ourselves?

“We’ve seen community governance working in the online world… LiveJournal allowed anyone to be a diarist; Couchsurfing [initially] facilitated house-sharing without any commercial element; Wikipedia has created small communities of editors one encyclopedic article at a time…” – Harvard law professor Jonathan Zittrain

New Technologies Generate Lasting Benefits for Innovative Regions

Disruptive technologies such as machine learning diffuse slowly from the geographical areas where they are developed. In “The Diffusion of Disruptive Technologies,” economists Josh Lerner, Nicholas Bloom, and their coauthors study the spread of these innovations across regions, firms, industries, and occupations.

How Common Is the Use of Facial Recognition Technology (FRT)?

“Millions of people use FRT to unlock their phones every day. Private entities (such as banks) or public authorities…” use FRT to provide “strong authentication to control access to private or public online services.” - Professor Theodore Christakis, Université Grenoble Alpes, and coauthors of the MAPFRE project

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Jonathan Zittrain Explores “How to Fix Twitter and Facebook”

Posted on June 29, 2022
In an article written for The Atlantic in early June, Harvard law professor Jonathan Zittrain presents his thoughts on how “community governance” can be nurtured and supported through practices and technologies to address the content moderation challenges of online social media sites.

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