Luis Garicano

Professor of Economics and Strategy

Departments of Economics and of Management

London School of Economics and Political Science

Houghton Street
London WC2A 2AE, UK

020 7107 5154

Website: Luis Garicano's website

Twitter: @lugaricano

Issues: Competition Policy and Antitrust and Innovation and Economic Growth

About Luis Garicano

Luis Garicano studies the theoretical and empirical approaches to the economics of organization. In particular, he is interested in the organization of knowledge and consequences for organizational design and the labor market. Additionally, he is interested in industrial organization, labor economics, strategy, and law and economics. His research has earned him a fellowship from the Center for Economic Policy Research in London, as well as a Ministry of Foreign Affairs Fellowship in Madrid. Garicano's articles have appeared in the American Economic Review, the Journal of Political Economy, and the Review of Economics and Statistics. He has articles forthcoming in the Journal of Law and Economics, the Quarterly Journal of Economics, the Journal of European Economic Association, and the Journal of Economic Perspectives. Garciano also has worked as an economist for the Commission of the European Union. 

Garicano earned two bachelor's degrees, one in economics in 1990 and one in law in 1991, both from Universidad de Valladolid in Spain. He earned a master's degree in European economic studies from the College of Europe in Belgium in 1992. He then moved to the United States, where he earned a master's degree in economics in 1995 and a Ph.D. in economics in 1998, both from the University of Chicago. After joining the faculty in 1998, he took a brief leave from Chicago to teach at the Sloan School at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as well as the London Business School.

Ph.D. Economics, University of Chicago 1998
M.A. Economics, University of Chicago, 1995
M.A., College of Europe, 1992
B.A. Law, Universidad de Valladolid, 1991
B.A. Economics, Universidad de Valladolid, 1990