Neil Gandal

Professor and Chair

Eitan Berglas School of Economics

Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv 69978, Israel

972 3 640-9907

Website: Tel Aviv University faculty profile

Issues: Cloud Computing, Open Source, Standards, Intellectual Property, Interoperability and Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing

About Neil Gandal

Neil Gandal is a Professor of Economics and the Chair of the Eitan Berglas School of Economics at Tel Aviv University. His current research focuses on industrial organization, specifically on the economics of compatibility and standardization, the economics of the Internet, open source, and social networks.


Professor Gandal’s work has been published in many respected journals, including Communications & Strategies, the RAND Journal of Economics, the Journal of Industrial Economics, and the Review of Network Economics, where he is also currently a member of the editorial board. He has held editorial positions at Economic Policy, the Journal of Industrial Economics, and the International Journal of Industrial Organization, where, in 2013, he was appointed as honorary editor, the only honorary editor in the history of the journal.


In addition to his work at the university, Professor Gandal has been a Research Fellow at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR) since 1999. Prior to his current position, he was the head of the School of Government and Policy at Tel Aviv University from 2007 to 2012. He also has been a visiting Professor at the University of California, Berkeley and the University of Texas-Austin.


Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, 1989
M.A., University of Wisconsin, 1981
B.S., Miami University, 1979  
B.A., Miami University, 1979