Are Social Networking Sites a Source of Harassment for Teens? Evidence from Survey Data

Privacy and Security and Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing

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Anoshua Chaudhuri and Anirban Sengupta


NET Institute Working Paper #08-17, September 2008


This paper examines how internet and social networking site use results in incidents of harassment of teens.

Policy Relevance

This paper will help policy makers understand the link between social networking sites and teen harassment.

Main Points

  • This paper determines the characteristics of teens that make them more likely to be victims of on-line harassment.


  • Using parental background information, this paper explores the relationship between parental awareness and teen abuse on the internet.


  • The 2006 round of Pew Internet American Life Survey was used for this study.  Since data on social networking has been collected fairly recently and there is no past information, the limitation of this study is that causal links between internet use and online harassment cannot be determined.

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