Diffusion of Fixed Broadband, The: An Empirical Analysis

Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing, Networks and Infrastructure and Broadband

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Justin Brown and Saugwon Lee


NET Institute Working Paper #08-19, September 2008


This paper analyzes different methods/strategies for securing and improving national or global broadband infrastructure.

Policy Relevance

Broadband infrastructure is a key component of the knowledge economy and high-speed connections are becoming an important economic indicator. Widespread and affordable broadband access encourages innovation and economic growth in an economy and attracts economic development.

Main Points

  • One of the main goals of this study is to examine the effects of platform competition on broadband deployment.  Platform competition occurs when different technologies      compete to provide similar or differentiated telecommunication services to end-users.

  • This paper also examines whether network effects are involved in the diffusion of broadband.

  • The results of the empirical study in this paper suggest that an established Infrastructure (e.g. PC penetration, ICT use, previous fixed broadband penetration) for relevant information and communication technologies is an influential factor for fixed broadband diffusion.

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