Intellectual Property: The Tough New Realities that Could Make or Break Your Business

Intellectual Property

Article Snapshot


Paul Goldstein


New York: Portfolio, 2007


This book looks at developments in intellectual property (IP) and how they affect business.

Policy Relevance

Rapid change and globalization introduced by the Internet have affected many businesses as well as IP law.

Main Points

  • The patent case Polaroid Corp. v. Eastman Kodak is an example of the IP paradox, that without IP protection investors would hold back from supporting new inventions, but that IP protection can hinder the actual deployment of new inventions.

  • The Internet makes it hard to protect copyrighted works like movies. Once consumers become accustomed to being able to copy or use works freely, legislation to reverse the trend will not work well.

  • The rapid change introduced by the Internet means that the law must evolve quickly also.

  • Different countries approach IP differently. The Internet has made the market for IP global, and treaties such as the Berne Convention and Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) iron out the differences.

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