Intellectual Property and Innovation: Influential Studies

Innovation and Economic Growth and Intellectual Property

Article Snapshot


Rosemarie Ziedonis


Scott Shane (ed.), Blackwell Handbook on Technology and Innovation Management, pp. 295 – 332, Wiley-Blackwell, 2009


Discusses advances in the literature on IP and innovation, particularly as they inform research by management scholars.

Policy Relevance

Examines the effects of intellectual property as a policy lever.

Main Points

  • Evidence from 19 peer-reviewed journals suggests that academic interest in IP has grown considerably over the past two decades.

  • Using a subset of highly cited papers as a guide, three prominent themes are identified and discussed: (1) the use of patent data as a "paper trail" with which to trace innovative activity; (2) the value of IP as a strategic asset (thus shifting attention to its accumulation and use); and (3) the effects of IP as a policy lever.

  • This chapter discusses selected papers in these areas and highlights their implications for research in technology and innovation management, strategy, and entrepreneurship.


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