Software and Internet Law

Intellectual Property, Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing and Internet

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Brian Carver, Mark Lemley, Peter Menell, Robert Merges and Pamela Samuelson


Aspen Publishers, 4th edition, 2011


The book offers broad coverage of U.S. software and Internet law especially in IP, licensing and cyberlaw.

Policy Relevance

This book covers current issues regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s Safe Harbor, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, the Civil Uses of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, and the Stored Communications Act. It also discusses the growing doctrine of "Hot News" Misappropriation.

Main Points

  • The book surveys laws about software and the Internet in the United States.
  • Includes milestone cases, legislation, and questions and problems about software and Internet law.
  • Coverage of developing laws included in fourth edition. Including:
    • Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s (DMCA) Safe Harbor—this act makes it a crime to produce or disseminate technologies that circumvent controls preventing access to copyrighted work. The safe harbors prevent the DMCA from overly constraining Internet access.
    • Electronic Communications Privacy Act—this act extended government restriction on wiretaps from telephone calls to also include electronic transmissions from computers.
    • Civil Uses of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act—this act was passed to prevent cracking into government and financial institution computers.
    • Stored Communications Act—this act addresses both voluntary and required disclosure of electronic communications held by third-party Internet service providers.
  • Focuses on how lawyers actually serve the software industry and Internet.
  • Covers the “Hot News” Misappropriation doctrine, which is an area of growing importance.
  • Designed to be accessible to students and professors with little background in technology, software, or the Internet.


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