Standards of Power? Technology, Institutions, and Politics in the Development of China’s National Standards Strategy

Interoperability, Competition Policy and Antitrust and Standards

Article Snapshot


Richard P. Suttmeier, Zixiang (Alex) Tan and Xiangkui Yao


National Bureau of Asian Research, Seattle, WA, 2006


This paper looks at how Chinese government policies impact high-tech standards.

Policy Relevance

The United States will find it difficult to work with the Chinese government on standards policy, but it is important to reinforce support for international trade. Keeping Chinese interests in mind will help.

Main Points

  • Private standard-setting organizations or governments set out technical standards to so that producers can make products that work together.

  • The Chinese government’s policies are intended to:
    • Help the economy escape obsolete or outside technologies.
    • Make China a technology leader.

  • The Chinese government has been involved in six major standards initiatives, not always consistently. Nationalism is gradually accommodating globalism.

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