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Harvard business professor Shane Greenstein explains the economic factors that produce network congestion.
New York University economics professor Nicholas Economides explains why President-elect Trump’s appointments to the FCC’s transition team signals that net neutrality rules may be in danger.
In this op-ed piece for Ars Technica, privacy law experts Woodrow Hartzog and Danielle Citron show that the FTC’s handling of the Ashley Madison breach reflects a sustainable way to enforce privacy in the coming years.
Eric Goldman, Professor of Law at Santa Clara University, provides a look back at the events that had the greatest impact on Internet law.
Fordham University law professor Joel Reidenberg raises privacy concerns with NYC’s proposal to track the GPS coordinates of passengers’ trip location data for car service rides.
Santa Clara law professor Eric Goldman highlights Section 230 rulings from the past year that have done the most to undermine the immunity from liability for providers and users of many types of interactive websites.
George Washington University law professor Dan Solove provides his top picks from the privacy and security books published in 2016.
Reviewing reports from the Obama administration on the future of artificial intelligence, Joshua Gans and his co-authors provides key insights for countries that trade and compete with the U.S.
Harvard Business School professor Shane Greenstein provides a tongue-in-cheek look at notable information technology events and people from 2016.
Antitrust law professor Dan Sokol offers a look at the antitrust faculty with the most downloaded articles from 2016.
Should Facebook, Google and other online platforms be editorially responsible for the content in their newsfeeds? Join Harvard law professor Jonathan Zittrain for a Radio Berkman podcast to explore the phenomenon of fake news.
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