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Summary of the March 10th conference, sponsored in part by the Federal Communications Commission and the Silicon Flatirons Center, which focused on the National Broadband Plan and how the Plan addresses Internet accessibility concerns for people with disabilities.
For in-depth exploration of some of the health care issues, TAP presents academic works that focus on information technology (IT), economic impact, and privacy.
TAP Guest Blogger, David N. Fagan shares details from the Privacy & Security panel he moderated at The Berkeley Center for Law & Technology’ Emerging Law & Policy Issues In Cloud Computing.
Last week, as part of the Federal Trade Commission’s Roundtable on Consumer Privacy, there was a lively discussion about health information: how much control do consumers have over their health information and should there be government policy to support information privacy?
With the release this week of the FCC's National Broadband Plan, TAP highlights several articles on net neutrality.
Why is Google facing regulatory problems on three continents? Professor Daniel F. Spulber of Northwestern University discusses this question. Frame it one way, and it is a series of unconnected issues. Framed somewhat differently based on antitrust and copyright, there is a common problem.
According to recent news reports, Google claims that several antitrust complaints against it by rival firms are supported in some way by Microsoft. I see no reason to even try to determine the merits of these claims. Suppose, however, that the worst case scenario (from Google’s perspective) is true: that Microsoft is quietly supporting and instigating antitrust complaints against Google. What should we think about that?
Videos from each panel discussion of the 2nd FTC Roundtable are now available.
A live stream of this conference is available at Reboot.FCC.gov.
TAP academics offer some insight into the many privacy, cybersecurity, and policy issues around cloud-based services.
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