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According to recent news reports, Google claims that several antitrust complaints against it by rival firms are supported in some way by Microsoft. I see no reason to even try to determine the merits of these claims. Suppose, however, that the worst case scenario (from Google’s perspective) is true: that Microsoft is quietly supporting and instigating antitrust complaints against Google. What should we think about that?
Videos from each panel discussion of the 2nd FTC Roundtable are now available.
A live stream of this conference is available at Reboot.FCC.gov.
TAP academics offer some insight into the many privacy, cybersecurity, and policy issues around cloud-based services.
Discussion with Professor Jonathan Zittrain on some updates to last year's provocative "Minds for Sale" talk.
IP Colloquium examines the debate over patent reform and the question of how, if at all, Congress should change the way courts calculate patent damages.
How has privacy law evolved in the last fifty years? What will it look like in 2060? On January 29 in Berkeley, CA, the California Law Review gathered together some of the world’s top privacy law scholars and practitioners to discuss these questions.
At a recent joint hearing of House Subcommittees on Commerce, Trade, and Consumer Protection, and Communications, Technology, and the Internet the issue was privacy; specifically, “The Collection and Use of Location Information for Commercial Purposes.”
Lawrence Lessig's talk will explore copyright in a digital age, and the importance of a doctrine like fair use for free expression on the Internet.
An overview of the third panel of the Silicon Flatirons conference which examined the Internet's ecosystem.
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