Scrutinizing Online Privacy

By TAP Staff Blogger

Posted on April 28, 2010


The recent Facebook changes to gather affinity data from other web sites is becoming a hot privacy topic. (see “The Wall Street Journal” Digits: Facebook: the Privacy Questions Continue or “The Huffington Post:” Facebook Changes Raise Privacy Concerns Among US Senators). 

TAP academics have written extensively on online privacy issues. Below are key articles that relate specifically to social media and privacy.

Saving Facebook, by James Grimmelmann, provides the first comprehensive analysis of the law and policy of privacy on social network sites, using Facebook as its principal example.

In Engineering Privacy, Lorrie Faith Cranor and Sarah Spiekermann offer an introduction for
engineers and computer scientists to the privacy research domain and provides concrete guidance on how to design privacy-friendly systems.

The FTC and Consumer Privacy in the Coming Decade calls for the FTC to set out basic ground rules for privacy to avoid consumer confusion and prevent bad actors from taking advantage of consumers. This paper was authored by Joseph Turow, Deirdre Mulligan, Chris Hoofnagle, Nathaniel Good and Jens Grossklags.

To view all the privacy articles TAP currently is highlighting and find scholars who are well-versed in issues surrounding privacy, please see our Privacy & Security issues page.