Jim Bessen and the Future of Software Patents

By TAP Staff Blogger

Posted on April 15, 2011


Yesterday James Bessen spoke at Stanford University on “The Future of Software Patents.” Over a decade has passed since US court decisions opened the way for wholesale patenting of software, including patents on finance and methods of doing business. Mr. Bessen looks at what the effect has been on software innovators. He looks at the empirical evidence on how software startup firms use patents and on why firms now face a much greater risk of software patent lawsuits. Exploring the causes behind these trends, he discusses how recent court decisions and legislative proposals might affect the rapid growth in litigation.

Bessen is currently Lecturer in Law at Boston University School of Law where he does research on the economics of technological innovation, including patents and Free/Open Source Software. He is recognized as an innovator in the electronic publishing industry, having developed one of the first commercially-successful desktop publishing programs.

View the Future of Software Patents presentation
The Future of Software Patents slides