Jonathan Zittrain Looks at the Google Verizon Joint Proposal

By TAP Staff Blogger

Posted on August 19, 2010


In his recent blog post, Jonathan Zittrain takes a close look at the Google/Verizon framework. He begins:


I’ve been trying to figure out what the Google/Verizon announcement means.  It’s not easy to do, in large part because the announcement doesn’t precisely announce anything.  It’s titled a “legislative framework proposal.”  That is, on its own terms it’s not an agreement between two companies — neither is bound to do anything by it, which I guess is how they could deny last week’s New York Times report about a “deal on web pay tiers” — but it does represent a meeting of the minds between them about what ought to happen in the world, in particular what American (and presumably others’) law should become here.

Several journals have been seeking Professor Zittrain’s expertise to help put the Google – Verizon proposal in perspective.

Jonathan Zittrain is professor of law at Harvard Law School and co-director of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society.