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Economics professor Shane Greenstein, Kellogg School of Management, provides a look at the evolution of the cookie. A small text file used by web pages to collect information about online activity, the cookie plays a role in a long chain of metadata operations, targeted advertising being just one use.
Professor Shane Greenstein, Northwestern University, examines both sides of the Internet ‘fast lanes’ debate from an economics’ perspective. The FCC’s Open Internet Rules, adopted in 2010, were established to make sure that all Internet traffic was treated the same. However, yesterday, the FCC has released a draft document that could allow some Web companies to pay more for faster access.
Economics professor Shane Greenstein, Northwestern University, calculates the value of the server software Apache. Apache was borne and invented with government funding, and its rate of return has been difficult to measure. Professor Greenstein walks us through his process for determining the software’s economic impact.
Google has announced a plan to sell Motorola to Lenovo for just under three billion dollars. Professor Shane Greenstein, Northwestern University, explains how this business transaction is connected to the Nortel patent bidding war held by a bankruptcy court two years ago.
It is time to look back, and give some awards for the best events in information and communications technology. And what a year it was — with Snowden, Healthcare IT, the Twitter IPO, and plenty of other events deserving both recognition and sarcastic observation.
Professor Shane Greenstein, Northwestern University, discusses a just-released report about data caps from the FCC’s Open Internet Advisory Committee. As a member of this committee and the sub-group, the Economic Impacts working group, Professor Greenstein has first-hand knowledge of the development of this report.
On the one year anniversary of the FCC’s Open Internet Advisory Committee, member Professor Shane Greenstein, Northwestern University, reflects on his experience as a committee member.
Professor Shane Greenstein, Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, discusses two examples of online "honesty boxes"—specifically, the pay-what-you-want model adopted for Radiohead's album In Rainbows and Cards Against Humanity's 2012 holiday pack.
In light of recently released documents concerning the ‘Craigslist killer’ murder case, Professor Shane Greenstein examines online privacy and how police used information technology to connect the murder to the suspect.
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