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My article, “The PII Problem: Privacy and a New Concept of Personally Identifiable Information” (with Professor Paul Schwartz), is now out in print. Here is the abstract.
The Supreme Court has long held that there is no expectation of privacy in public for the purposes of the Fourth Amendment. In United States v. Jones, which involves a warrantless GPS surveillance, the Court will confront just how far this logic can extend. Professor Daniel Solove looks at this case and asks, will the Court revisit its view about the lack of privacy in public given the changing capabilities of technology?
Professor Daniel Solove, George Washington University Law School, talks with Professor Lior Strahilevitz, University of Chicago Law School, about his new book, "Information and Exclusion." In the course of their conversation, they examine the topic of exclusion –how information and mechanisms are used to exclude people. Additionally, they discuss the role of privacy in this age of “digital dossiers.”
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