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Privacy expert Paul Schwartz, UC Berkeley, examines two proposed federal bills developed for the regulation of a COVID-19-tracking app in order to protect the privacy of health information.
UC Berkeley Professor Paul Schwartz examines the debates around the globe about the use and development of COVID-19 tracking apps. Given the great concern about the impact of these apps on privacy and civil liberties, he provides a compilation of best practices from European and U.S. data privacy protection organizations.
  • PII 2.0

  • Posted on January 16, 2012
Professor Paul Schwartz, Berkeley Center of Law & Technology, and Professor Daniel Solove, George Washington University, discuss their recent paper, “The PII Problem.” Personally identifiable information (PII) is one of the most central concepts in information privacy regulation. While the scope of privacy laws typically turn on whether PII is involved, there is no uniform definition of PII in information privacy law.
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