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Georgia Tech law and ethics professor Peter Swire reviews the Schrems II ruling and discusses some of the challenges with reconciling fundamental rights and national security.
Professor Peter Swire, Georgia Tech, lays the groundwork for his upcoming debate on the NSA surveillance programs and online tracking efforts. Professor Swire will be examining these topics with Stanford lawyer and technologist Jonathan Mayer at next month’s IAPP Global Privacy Summit.
Professor Peter Swire and Steven Beale provide a report from the Congressional Internet Caucus luncheon on privacy legislation. The panelists for “New Internet Privacy Legislation: What the White House, Federal Trade Commission and the European Commission are Recommending” repeatedly brought the discussion to the pros and cons of self-regulation versus legislation.
On Tuesday, Georgetown’s Law School hosted a Seminar titled “Lawful Access to the Cloud.” The seminar’s panelists grappled with how to find the right balance between civil liberties and legitimate law enforcement needs to access data in the cloud. Peter Swire and Steven Beale provide several highlights from the morning’s panels.
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