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danah boyd, founder of Data & Society Research Institute and Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, shares her insights into children’s use of technology and the unhelpful narrative of “addiction.”
Data & Society founder danah boyd shares highlights from her keynote talk at the Strata Data Conference earlier this month. Dr. boyd discussed the intentional and unintentional manipulation of data.
danah boyd, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research and founder of Data & Society Research Institute, shows how the hacking culture evolved from playful efforts to game the media ecosystem to complex and politicized projects of social engineering and activism.
danah boyd, founder of the Data & Society Research Institute, shares the experience of collaborating with Henry Jenkins and Mimi Ito to write their book, “Participatory Culture in a Networked Era.”
“There’s a fresh push to protect student data,” says Data & Society Founder danah boyd. In this article, she explains why she believes the people who need the most protection are the ones being left behind.
What does the intersection of data and civil rights look like? danah boyd reports from the first “Data & Civil Rights” conference, co-sponsored by the Data & Society Research Institute, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, and New America’s Open Technology Institute.
A group of us at Data & Society decided to examine various different emergent disruptions that affect the future of work. Thanks to tremendous support from the Open Society Foundations, we’ve produced five working papers that help frame various issues at play. We’re happy to share them with you today.
danah boyd, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, examines the dominant reactions to Facebook’s mood manipulation experiment.
danah boyd, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research, provides insight into the development of the recently released White House report on “big data.” At the request of the Administration, her new center, The Data & Society Research Institute, co-hosted one of the three public conferences to examine the social, cultural, and ethical implications of “big data.”
danah boyd explains some of the values, as well as pitfalls, of monitoring teens’ online social media communications. She challenges the reader with this question: how do we leverage the visibility of online content to see and hear youth in a healthy way?
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