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Harvard’s Josh Lerner and Stanford’s Amit Seru share findings from their recent work with Nick Short and Yuan Sun to identify who the innovators and patent awardees are within the financial technology sector.
Harvard Business School’s Josh Lerner examines the underlying causes of the asset management industry’s low levels of minority ownership in the U.S. He shares findings from a new working paper cowritten with Johan Cassel and Emmanuel Yimfor.
Josh Lerner, Harvard Business School, presents his recent research on intellectual property rights and innovation in China.
Harvard economics professor Josh Lerner shares findings from his work examining the interplay between intellectual property rights protection, state-owned versus private-owned firms, and innovation in China.
Professors Jacques Crémer and Josh Lerner discuss Jean Tirole’s “remarkable set of contributions to economics.” Jean Tirole received the 2014 Nobel Prize in Economics.
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