BIG DATA: Professor Omer Tene Explains the Privacy Risks Behind the Buzz

By TAP Staff Blogger

Posted on October 16, 2012

Professor Omer Tene, privacy expert in law and technology, sat down with TAP to discuss the risks big data poses to privacy and the challenges to existing privacy rules. Additionally, he proposes enabling individuals to have useful access to their data.
In this video, Professor Tene points out that the ability to collect data everywhere –from online interactions and devices, RFID chips, location-based technologies, to name a few— has driven data to a new level. Big data has tremendous benefits for the economy and society at large; however, it also magnifies risks to privacy. Professor Tene stresses that we should try to balance these big rewards against the risks in order to manage privacy.

For more information about big data and the ramifications of big data on privacy, Professor Tene wrote a guest-post for TAP with his colleague Jules Polonetsky, Director of the Future of Privacy Forum. Big Data’s Privacy Challenge details a recent breakthrough in the use of big data that delivered life-saving benefits for users of Paxil, an antidepressant prescribed to millions of Americans, and Pravachol, a popular cholesterol-reducing drug. Professor Tene and Mr. Polonetsky’s research paper, Big Data for All: Privacy and User Control in the Age of Analytics, provides several examples of the benefits of big data, details the risks of big data to privacy, addresses big data’s challenges to existing privacy rules, and makes the case for providing individuals with useful access to their data. 
Omer Tene is an Associate Professor at the College of Management School of Law, Rishon Le Zion, Israel; a Visiting Fellow at the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology; an Affiliate Scholar at the Stanford Center for Internet and Society; and a Senior Fellow at the Future of Privacy Forum.


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