Daniel Solove Writes a Children’s Book to Help Explain the Value of Privacy

By TAP Staff Blogger

Posted on January 28, 2021


World-renowned privacy expert Daniel Solove is reaching out to children, parents, and educators with his new book, The Eyemonger. While Professor Solove is the author of numerous books and textbooks on privacy, this is his first children’s book. And he believes it is the first work of children’s fiction about the topic of privacy. Written for an elementary-age audience and their parents, The Eyemonger is intended to help readers understand what privacy is and why valuing it is so important.


The Eyemonger will help young readers explore topics such as why people keep secrets, what things are important to keep private, and wonder how they would feel if the Eyemonger character watched them all the time.

Daniel Solove - The EyeMonger
Daniel Solove - The EyeMonger

About The Eyemonger


In a faraway land, a stranger arrives with promises of greater security in exchange for sacrificing privacy. His name is The Eyemonger, and he has 103 eyes. With the help of flying eye creatures, he spies on everybody. But his plan soon starts to go wrong. His constant watching makes people feel uncomfortable and stifles their creativity. When people complain, The Eyemonger asks: “Do you have something to hide?” The Eyemonger eventually encounters an artist who resists his surveillance and teaches him an important lesson about the value of privacy.


The topic of privacy is rarely covered in children’s books. Written by the international privacy expert Daniel J. Solove, the Eyemonger discusses privacy in a way that children can understand. Ryan Beckwith’s rich and detailed illustrations create a fascinating gothic world of curiosity and wonder.


Resources for Educators and Parents


Professor Solove has developed materials to support parents and educators’ efforts to help children build an understanding of the importance of respecting privacy, their own and others. See Privacy Resources for Educators and Parents for materials that include:

  • Discussion handout with questions and basic information about privacy.
  • List of privacy issues that are essential for children’s education
  • Short video discussing five issues that educators and parents should know about privacy.

Reviews from a Few of Professor Solove’s Privacy Colleagues


"This is the perfect gift and joy to read with your kids--full of whimsy and fun and gosh life lessons. This book will start a conversation with your kids that I know you will continue for a lifetime about what it means to have some privacy in our lives. Beautifully done."
- Danielle Citron, Distinguished Professor in Law, University of Virginia School of Law


“Our 9 year old loved this book. It has beautiful illustrations and is fun to read out loud. Most importantly, this book does a really excellent job explaining why our privacy is valuable and why some people might not fully appreciate it. One of the reasons I’ve been thrilled to work with Daniel Solove over the years is that he is able to clearly convey the importance of privacy to all audiences, and with this book it’s clear that children are no exception. If you’re looking for an enjoyable way to talk about a very important issue or even just a fun story at bedtime, I highly recommend this book.”
- Woodrow Hartzog, Professor of Law and Computer Science, Northeastern University School of Law


"I love this book - and I wish there were more books like this for children that explain security, surveillance, and privacy. The illustrations were gorgeous, and multi-faceted - every time I open the book I see one more thing I hadn't seen before. The prose is fun, quick, and whimsical."
- Katelyn Ringrose, Future of Privacy Forum


About Daniel Solove


Daniel Solove is the John Marshall Harlan Research Professor of Law at the George Washington University Law School. He teaches information privacy law, law and literature, criminal law, and criminal procedure.


An internationally-known expert in privacy law, Professor Solove has been interviewed and quoted by the media in several hundred articles and broadcasts, including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, the Associated Press, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and NPR.


In addition to his newly released children’s book, The Eyemonger, Professor Solove has written numerous books including Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff Between Privacy and Security (Yale 2011), Understanding Privacy (2008), The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet (Yale 2007), and The Digital Person: Technology and Privacy in the Information Age (NYU 2004). He has also written several textbooks, all with coauthor Paul M. Schwartz, including Data Protection and the GDPR (Wolters Kluwer 2021), Information Privacy Law (Wolters Kluwer, 5th ed. 2019), Privacy Law Fundamentals (IAPP, 3d ed. 2015), Privacy and the Media (Wolters Kluwer, 2d ed. 2015), Privacy, Law Enforcement, and National Security (Wolters Kluwer, 1st ed. 2015), and Consumer Privacy and Data Protection (Wolters Kluwer, 1st ed. 2015).


Professor Solove is also the founder of TeachPrivacy, a company that provides privacy and data security training programs to businesses, schools, healthcare institutions, and other organizations. He is co-reporter of the American Law Institute’s Principles of the Law: Data Privacy. Additionally, he is the co-organizer of several annual conferences, including The Privacy + Security Forum, the Privacy Law Scholars Conference (PLSC), the Privacy Law Salon: Privacy Roundtable, the Privacy Law Salon: Policymaker Roundtable, and the Higher Education Privacy Conference (HEPC).