China Antitrust Recap

By Daniel Sokol

Posted on June 4, 2014


Two weeks ago I was in China for the fabulous ABA Antitrust in China program. The Antitrust Section staff and conference chairs did a great job in putting together a program that had a number of interesting and informative panels. In particular, I enjoyed the discussion on mergers, antitrust-IP, and recent conduct cases. It was wonderful to see a number of old friends and make new ones.

I followed up that conference with one co-sponsored by Renmin University and Korea University on antitrust-IP. The two schools have launched a China-Korea Market & Regulation Law Center. The conference was titled Recent Trends of IT Industry Restructuring Worldwide & Regulatory Reactions of Korea and China with an Emphasis on Antitrust and IPR. Expect more excellent programming from the MRLC. In particular, professors Meng Yanbei (Renmin) and Hwang Lee (Korea University) were superb organizers and hosts. I discussed patent trolls and privateering in a comparative context. My sense is that patent trolls are becoming a more serious issue in Asian jurisdictions and I hope that the various competition authorities in the region spend more time on understanding these issues.

Overall, I was very impressed by the quality of discussion at both conferences. Faculties in both law and economics at Chinese universities have made significant contributions in our understanding of the AML. Along with Ariel Ezrachi (Oxford), Huang Yong (UIBE), Wang Xiaoye (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) and Bill Kovacic (GW), I am organizing a special issue of the Journal of Antitrust Enforcement on China’s AML. We are teaming up western academics and practitioners with China scholars in the belief that there will be significant synergies in such joint ventures.

Below is a picture of me speaking at the Renmin University - Korea University conference.


The preceding is re-published on TAP with permission by its author, Daniel Sokol, Associate Professor at the University of Florida's Levin College of Law. “China Antitrust Recap” was originally published on the Antitrust and Competition Policy Blog on June 3, 2014.



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