Susan Athey to Be Awarded the Prestigious Jean-Jacques Laffont Prize

By TAP Staff Blogger

Posted on November 21, 2016


Tomorrow (November 22, 2016), Stanford Graduate School of Business economics professor Susan Athey will be awarded the Jean-Jacques Laffont Prize in Toulouse, France.


This annual prize was created by the Institute for Industrial Economics (IDEI), which Professor Jean-Jacques Laffont founded in 1990 in partnership with the city hall ("Mairie de Toulouse"). The annual award recognizes an internationally renowned economist whose research is in the spirit of the work undertaken by Professor Jean-Jacques Laffont, combining both the theoretical and the empirical. The prize winner presents her work at the annual IDEI conference.


Professor Athey will give a lecture on "The Internet and the News Industry." Her current research focuses on the design of auction-based marketplaces and the economics of the Internet, primarily on online advertising and the economics of the news media.


Delve into Professor Athey’s Work on the Internet and News Industry


Biographical Highlights


Susan Athey, an economic theorist who has made significant contributions to the study of industrial organization, is the Economics of Technology Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business. She also is Professor of Economics (by courtesy), School of Humanities and Sciences, and Senior Fellow, Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. Her current research focuses on the economics of the Internet, marketplace design, auction theory, the statistical analysis of auction data, and the intersection of computer science and economics. She is an expert in a broad range of economic fields – including industrial organization, econometrics, and microeconomic theory – and has used game theory to examine firm strategy when firms have private information.


In 2007, Professor Athey was named the first female recipient of the American Economic Association’s prestigious John Bates Clark Medal, awarded every other year to the most accomplished American economist under the age of 40 “adjudged to have made the most significant contribution to economic thought and knowledge.” She was elected to the National Academy of Sciences in 2012, to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2008, and is a fellow of the Econometric Society. Professor Athey is a member of the President’s Committee on the National Medal of Science, as well as the Honors and Awards Committee of the American Economic Association. She served as an elected member of the executive committee of the American Economic Association, as an elected member of both the Council of the Econometric Society and of the Council of the Game Theory Society.


Professor Athey has been published in many professional journals including American Economic Review, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, Econometrica, and American Economic Journal: Microeconomics. She has also served as co-editor of American Economic Journal: Microeconomics and Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, and as an associate editor of several leading journals, including the American Economic Review, Review of Economic Studies, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Theoretical Economics, Econometrica, and the RAND Journal of Economics.


She advises governments and businesses on the design of auction-based marketplaces, most recently consulting for Microsoft Corporation on its online services.