Competition Policy and Antitrust

Competition policy uses economic analysis to enhance our understanding of how firm behavior affects social welfare. Scholars featured on this site consider how technology markets function, and the special issues raised by networks, platforms, interoperability, and bundling by firms like Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

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Government Procurement

“Procurement” is the process by which governments choose to obtain and buy goods and services from the private sector.


A Leading Critic of Big Tech Will Join the White House

“Extreme economic concentration yields gross inequality and material suffering, feeding the appetite for nationalistic and extremist leadership.”  — Tim Wu, Professor of Law, Columbia University
Tim Wu
The New York Times
March 5, 2021

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Competition Policy and Free Trade: Antitrust Provisions in PTAs

Why do preferential trade agreements (PTAs) include terms concerning antitrust or competition policy? Some argue that governments use competition policy to protect local firms against foreign competition. A better theory is that trade makes it hard for national authorities to enforce competition policy.

By: Anu Bradford, Tim Buthe