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Competition policy uses economic analysis to enhance our understanding of how firm behavior affects social welfare. Scholars featured on this site consider how technology markets function, and the special issues raised by networks, platforms, interoperability, and bundling by firms like Google, Apple, and Microsoft.

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EU and US Still Searching for Way to Curb Tech Giants

US regulators have "taken a curious turn toward trying to help Google and other massive digital platforms to consolidate market power, rather than policing them." — Frank Pasquale, Professor of Law, University of Maryland

Frank Pasquale
Source: Independent
March 14, 2019

Europe Is Beginning to Break Up Facebook's Business

"In many ways, they are internally breaking up Facebook by limiting how they do business, how the different services interact. It's not a breakup, but it is certainly ramping up the pressure. The Commission doesn't have the power itself to go after Facebook on privacy grounds, but it has plenty of powers under competition law." — Anu Bradford, Professor of Law, Columbia University

Anu Bradford
Source: CNN
February 8, 2019

Big Tech Is Way Too Big

"There's been a profound change in the tech economy, and I think one that's very dangerous for the United States' economy. Right now, what we're seeing is a lack of innovation. A lack of starts. That's why I think it's important to have a shake-up of the industry every so often." — Tim Wu, Professor of Law, Columbia University

Tim Wu
Source: CNN
December 17, 2018

The Case for Breaking Up Facebook and Instagram

In this opinion piece written for The Washington Post, Columbia law professor Tim Wu argues that Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012 never should have been given the okay by antitrust regulators. Professor Wu emphasizes: “It’s not too late to create a meaningful check on the power of Mark Zuckerberg’s company.”

Tim Wu
Source: The Washington Post
September 28, 2018

Government's Star Witness Takes the Stand in Marathon Day of AT&T Trial

"The merger will in fact harm consumers and the harm is significant in terms of the dollar amount." — Carl Shapiro, Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley

Carl Shapiro
Source: CNN
April 11, 2018

If You Love High TV Bills, This Is the Merger for You

"Any way you count it, the result is a grand and easily predictable reduction in effective competition. This is what most clearly justifies Justice’s opposition to the merger." — Tim Wu, Professor of Law, Columbia University

Tim Wu
Source: New York Times
March 22, 2018

Google Can No Longer Count on Political Goodwill at Home

"If the standard narrative is that because the Republicans are in town, Simons is not going to do anything, he will really surprise people." — William Kovacic, Professor of Law, George Washington University

William E. Kovacic
Source: The Economist
November 23, 2017

How a Comedy Website Came to Sell Wine to Survive

This article tells the story of survival in the age of Facebook. "Facebook has grown at a pace and had an impact that it’s really hard to say anybody planned. It isn’t just a mere commercial platform. It’s a place that people are turning to to get their sense of what’s going on in the world. That’s a combination that should be carefully navigated. It would be awfully strange, back in the day, if the Yellow Pages rearranged themselves every other day." — Jonathan Zittrain, Professor of Law, Harvard University

Jonathan Zittrain
Source: The New York Times
November 23, 2017

U.S. Faces Tough Battle Proving AT&T Would Use Time Warner to Squeeze Competition

"The issue of innovation is an important one. Satellite TV and cable companies face a significant challenge from Netflix. The cable TV providers are on the ropes as they face the innovators Netflix and" — Nicholas Economides, Professor of Economics, New York University

Nicholas Economides
Source: Los Angeles Times
November 21, 2017

AT&T-Time Warner Antitrust Suit Leaves Tech Firms Wary

"This signals an active Justice Department, and that can’t be great news for a company like Facebook, which has a pretty well-known reputation for wiping out its competitors." — Tim Wu, Professor of Law, Columbia University

Tim Wu
Source: The Washington Post
November 21, 2017
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