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The easy availability of information on the Internet may lead to the commoditization of content. However, if content is free or low cost, it may be difficult for those who produce it (like journalists) to earn a living. Economists and other scholars examine this tension and suggest various solutions.

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CITP Seminar: Andy Guess – Studying the Impact of Social Media Algorithms

Hosted by the Center for Information Technology Policy

January 25, 2022,  

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Leaks Just Exposed How Toxic Facebook and Instagram Are to Teen Girls and, Well, Everyone

“In short, the problem with Facebook is Facebook.” — Siva Vaidhyanathan, Professor of Modern Media Studies, University of Virginia

Siva Vaidhyanathan
The Guardian
September 18, 2021

Featured Article

Digital Addiction

A study of smartphone use shows that consumers’ excessive use of smartphones and social media may result from digital addiction. Self-control tools reduce usage and improve well-being.

By: Matthew Gentzkow, Hunt Allcott, Lena Song