Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing

This section contains research on the networks that make the Internet work, the evolution of different business models that operate on the Internet, and ways to store and access information on the Internet through Cloud Computing.

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Expert Poll: Internet Makes Us Smarter & Stupider

danah boyd
Source: TechNews Daily
February 29, 2012

Google to Ramp Up Online Tracking

Lorrie Faith Cranor
Source: National Public Radio’s Morning Edition
February 28, 2012

Face Recognition Technology Might Get Employers in Trouble

Alessandro Acquisti
Source: Society for Human Resource Management
February 27, 2012

Stop the Cycle of Bullying

John Palfrey
Source: The Huffington Post
February 23, 2012

The Age of Big Data

Erik Brynjolfsson
Source: The New York Times
February 11, 2012

GPS Unit, Meet Car Insurance

Jonathan Zittrain
Source: American Public Media’s Marketplace
February 10, 2012
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TAP Blog

LinkedIn v. HiQ and the Trans-Atlantic Privacy Divide

Professor Omer Tene, IAPP Senior Fellow, examines the hiQ Labs vs. LinkedIn Corporation decision to highlight the deep divide around the notion of privacy and data protection between Europe and the U.S. This decision also shows the sharp lines between privacy and competition policy, particularly in the context of major tech platforms and the data ecosystems they nurture.

Omer Tene

Fact Sheets

Net Neutrality

Given the significance of the Internet, preserving its “openness” – an idea often referred to as “network neutrality” or “net neutrality” – has been a long-standing issue.

Featured Article

Why the Right to Data Portability Likely Reduces Consumer Welfare: Antitrust and Privacy Critique

This article analyzes the potential weaknesses of the European Union’s potential new right to data portability.

By: Peter Swire, Yianni Lagos