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Information technology lets people learn about one another on a scale previously unimaginable. Information in the wrong hands can be harmful. Scholars on this site consider problems of privacy, fraud, identity, and security posed by the digital age.

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Taking a Broader Look at Privacy Remedies

In their new paper, “Breaking the Privacy Gridlock: A Broader Look at Remedies,” privacy experts Chris Hoofnagle, James Dempsey, Ira Rubinstein, and Katherine Strandburg examine regulatory structures outside the field of information privacy in order to identify enforcement and remedy structures that may be useful in developing federal consumer privacy legislation.

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Privacy and Consumers

There are a number of privacy issues related to how online companies collect, store, use and share personally identifiable information; and how consumers are informed about what is done with their information online.


Should Alexa Read Our Moods?

“Using the human body for discriminating among people is something that we should not do.” — Joseph Turow, Professor of Media Systems & Industries, University of Pennsylvania

Joseph Turow
The New York Times
May 19, 2021

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Ten Simple Rules for Responsible Big Data Research

Use of big data in academic and industry research is growing. Studies of human psychology, biology, and behavior must be ethical. Researchers should start by recognizing that careless use of data can be harmful.

By: danah boyd, Alondra Nelson, Frank Pasquale, Alyssa Goodman, Kate Crawford, Arvind Narayanan, Barbara Koenig, Emily Keller, Jacob Metcalf, Matthew Zook, Rachelle Hollander, Seeta Peña Gangadharan, Solon Barocas