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Information technology lets people learn about one another on a scale previously unimaginable. Information in the wrong hands can be harmful. Scholars on this site consider problems of privacy, fraud, identity, and security posed by the digital age.

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Professor Andrea Matwyshyn of the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania provides an in-depth look at the recent DEF CON activity aimed at children. DEF CON brings together a motley crew of code breaking enthusiasts, information security professionals, criminals, technology policy advocates, academics, and federal agents.
Flash cookies have declined in use, but will cache cookies & HTML5 become the new way to track users?
In an op-ed piece for The Hill, Professor Peter Swire outlines how “Simple actions by U.S. telephone companies can avoid the sorts of break-ins to voicemail accounts that are at the heart of the Murdoch newspaper hacking scandal.”
Last Thursday, leaders from the European Parliament joined the Congressional Internet Caucus to debate privacy, security and intellectual property. Videos are now available online.
Tomorrow TAP is hosting a Twitter TAPTalk on cybersecurity. Academic and industry thought leaders will share their expertise and opinions on cybersecurity concerns and policy debates. Join us tomorrow, Wednesday July 13th at 2 p.m. EDT, by using the hashtag #TAPtalk on Twitter.
Who isn’t talking about cybersecurity these days? With the recent hacks on major organizations, a new generation of politically-minded cyber “hacktivists,” and a White House cybersecurity proposal, there are many issues to debate. TAP will be opening the floor for conversation at our second #TAPtalk on Wednesday, July 13, 2 p.m. EDT.
Professor Paul Ohm discusses the upcoming Supreme Court case, United States v. Jones. It is a case in which the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals suppressed evidence of a criminal defendant's travels around town, which the police collected using a tracking device they attached to his car. It is anticipated that this will be a landmark case on several privacy issues.
As reports of cyberattacks continue to rise, policymakers in D.C. work to understand and combat cybercrimes.
On the hill, lawmakers have three hearings scheduled this week to examine aspects of securing the country’s cyber networks and privacy.
As cyber attacks become more prevalent in the news, cybersecurity summits strive to prevent and combat cybercrimes.
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Privacy and Consumers

There are a number of privacy issues related to how online companies collect, store, use and share personally identifiable information; and how consumers are informed about what is done with their information online.


A Super-surveillance Society and Its Impact on Democracy

No country with too strong or too weak state power can generate economic growth. — Daron Acemoglu, Professor of Economics, MIT
Daron Acemoglu
The Japan Times
September 6, 2020

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Informing the Design of a Personalized Privacy Assistant for the Internet of Things

Personalized Privacy Assistant (PPAs) will help users manage Internet of Things (IoT) device data collection. The best PPAs will learn from users and offer suggestions from unbiased sources.

By: Alessandro Acquisti, Jessica Colnago, Lorrie Faith Cranor, Megan Ung, Norman Sadeh, Sarah Pearman, Tharangini Palanivel, Yuanyuan Feng