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February 2019

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TAP scholars work across a broad spectrum of technology policy issues; however, in recent weeks, topics relating to online interactions supply the majority of TAP’s blog posts. First, internet privacy challenges such as data collection and selling by online platforms as well as legislative efforts to establish trustworthy data protection have been explored by several TAP scholars (see “It’s Time to Try Something Different on Internet Privacy” from The Washington Post and Harvard Law Today’sZittrain and Zuckerberg Discuss Encryption, ‘Information Fiduciaries’ and Targeted Advertisements” as examples). And second, social media’s ubiquitous presence led Stanford economist Matthew Gentzkow to examine the way Facebook affects individuals (see The New York Times article, “This Is Your Brain Off Facebook” for additional information); and privacy lawyer and robotics expert Ryan Calo, University of Washington, addressed the value of bot speech across platforms (Philadelphia Inquirer’sIs That Tweet from a Human? …” reports on proposed New Jersey legislation to regulate “bot speech”.)


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