The Issues

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Competition Policy and Antitrust
  • Innovation and Economic Growth
  • Intellectual Property
  • Interoperability
  • Networks, the Internet, and Cloud Computing
  • Privacy and Security

TAP Highlights

What Privacy Issues Are Critical for Policymakers to Address?

Data protection regulation, algorithmic impact, useful privacy interfaces, and the Carpenter decision's impact on privacy are a few of the topics singled out for FPF’s 2019 Privacy Papers for Policymakers Award.

Countering the Bias Developers Bring to Their Projects

“We can reinforce the lesson that every single one of us has an affirmative moral duty to remedy the discriminatory product design that benefits some privileged users at the price of ignoring countless others.” - Evan Selinger, Rochester Institute of Technology, and his colleague, Albert Fox Cahn

User-Generated Content Online – Is It Doomed?

In Santa Clara University law professor Eric Goldman’s recap of 2019’s Internet law issues, he says: “I put user-generated content (and any competitive dynamism among Internet services) on the endangered watch list.”

When Is the Capture of Personal Data an Antitrust Issue?

“The exploitation of personal data certainly creates value; however this is entirely, or overwhelmingly, captured by the entities (e.g. digital platforms) harvesting this data, which may benefit from a … monopoly (market) power.” – from a new paper by Professors Nicholas Economides and Ioannis Lianos

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Future of Privacy Forum’s 2019 Award-Winning Privacy Papers for Policymakers

Posted on January 28, 2020
Five TAP Scholars have been honored with the Future of Privacy Forum’s Privacy Papers for Policymakers Award. Read summaries of the papers selected for this 10th annual award that recognizes leading privacy scholarship relevant to U.S. policymakers.

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