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Concerns About Contact-Tracing Apps to Keep in Mind

“Good privacy engineering is one piece of the puzzle for contact tracing apps. Perhaps even more difficult is weighing the long-term consequences of how these tools will be used after the pandemic ends.”
- Woodrow Hartzog, Professor of Law and Computer Science at Northeastern University

Why is the United States Lagging Behind Japan in Robotics?

Automation is proceeding faster in some countries than others. Why? In “Demographics and Automation,” economists Daron Acemoglu and Pascual Restrepo show that firms automate in response to a scarcity of middle-aged workers; countries with aging populations, such as Japan, are automating more rapidly than the United States.

Why Regulating COVID-19-Tracing Apps Is Critical

“We are running a marathon and not a sprint, and the current crisis requires a pragmatic and proportionate response that sets legal limits on data collection and the subsequent use of collected data.”
- Professor Paul Schwartz, UC Berkeley

Does Deactivating Facebook Leave People Happier?

“Deactivating Facebook for one month leads people to spend more time with friends and family. It also leaves them less informed about the news, less polarized in their political opinions, and a little happier and more satisfied with their lives.”
Matthew Gentzkow, Stanford University

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Woodrow Hartzog Discusses How Contact-Tracing Apps Could Reshape Surveillance

Posted on May 26, 2020
In an op-ed article for the Los Angeles Times, Woodrow Hartzog, Professor of Law and Computer Science at Northeastern University, shares his insights into Google and Apple’s contact tracing project, and he discusses the “three concerns to keep in mind about relying on technology to mitigate the COVID-19 crisis.”

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